Thursday, 13 August 2009

Hello! Busy times...... I'm having a great summer so far. A bit of everything, and finding inspiration from all kinds of sources. Living where I do is really coming into its own, with the beach on my doorstep providing endless opportunities for pleasure - games of petanque, barbecues, and some gorgeous swims. I interrupted my cooking the other evening to have a little dip, and it turned out to be one of the nicest swims I've had - I had the sea to myself, it was beautifully calm, very warm, and as I swam out I could see a deep red sunset over the town, which was reflected in the (nearly full) moon that was rising, huge and pink, over the pier in the other direction. To cap it all off, as I made my way back up the beach afterwards, there was a group of people doing Tango dancing on the newly renovated bandstand. The bandstand itself is a triumph - a fantastic new landmark after aeons covered up by boards, and with brass bands playing every Sunday. Excellent.

If I'm in a slightly 'floral' mood it's because I'm on quite a high having just returned from my friends' wedding in Norfolk - one of the most amazing weekends I've ever had and everything a wedding should be. I'm in the midst of doing some personal work inspired by the weekend and I'll post the results on here soon - don't worry, nothing soppy - just based on an aspect that's stuck in my mind.....! I'm also working on another personal/promo piece on a certain topical issue that's been lots of fun - it'll see the light of day shortly and hopefully I'll be able to licence it for some use or other in the coming months......

Anyway, some new work for your perusal - a few pieces I did for a new one-shot magazine out this month called Cycling Active, and the cover for the outstanding new album by Slackbaba on Liquid Records - out this Autumn, as well as some artwork for my dub outfit Kokerboom. I hope ya dig 'em! I'm currently working on some new stuff (diagrams essentially) for my favourite regular client, Elaine Colomberg. If ever you fancy some excellent Thai Massage in the Brighton area, do check her out.


Tune-wise I can heartily recommend the new Trick Music compilation 'Abra Macabre' (see what they did there?) and the Third Ear Audio album on Dubmission, and am also enjoying excellent stuff from Nyboma, Balkan Beat Box, Gregory Isaacs, Sepultura, Manasseh, etc.... I also seem to be developing a taste for minimal techno and am very excited by the prospect of new albums from Earthling, Clutch and Muse. Hurrah!


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