Friday, 11 April 2008

my first blog post thingy.

Hello! So, a blog..... right. How do you do? News to tell is that my new and fully redesigned website is now live - very exciting. Check it out at www.edtucker.biz. It was up for less than a day and I got some work from it, to make a website. Good gosh I hear you say - yes, quite - smug mode is well and truly activated. People seem to like the 'random' section on the site - this will be updated at regular intervals as there really is no end to all the interesting (and probably quite dull, knowing me) things that could go there, and I find it really fun. Facts, cocktails, recipes, observations, jokes, maybe even some pictures - it's all fair game.

In other news, I will be exhibiting once again as part of the Open Houses for the Brighton Festival coming up in May, this time at the rather excellent and swish Claremont Hotel. It's located on Second Avenue in Hove and will be open to the public every weekend in May, from 11am till 6pm. An incredible 42 artists will be exhibiting, featuring painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramics and more - it'll be ace so come and have a gander if you can.
NOTE: the venue will be closed on Saturday the 17th of May for a private function.

That's all for now. Tarrah!