Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Some of the new Kokerboom imagery I've been working on.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Thought I'd post a few drawings from my sketchbook, from India, should you be wondering.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Hello. A sorely neglected blog you see before you. And there's a reason for that - I buggered off. Had meself a little adventure. I got a little disillusioned with things (projects over-running massively, not being paid - you know, the usual nonsense) in the midst of a quiet spell, and found myself getting a little stagnant in my work, so I took a few months off and went to India. Gosh it was good. Fascination in every direction, stuff just everywhere, amazing stuff, and exactly what I needed. I'm still sorting through lots and lots of photos and producing a load of artwork based on some of the things I saw, some of which I shall post up very soon, but for now have a few shots from Glastonbury. Being the 40th anniversary of the festival it was suitably immense and full to bursting with all manner of bonkers things and music and colour in absolutely all directions, much like India (I went ten years ago and remember being occasionally overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the whole thing and by the ridiculous abundance of entertainment, this year even (much) more so. I guess cultural gluttony is par for the course these days; I must be getting old (that's not to say I'm complaining, far from it, it's just mental). I was there with the TNT crew who provided the hottest late night entertainment on site with their Snakepit venue in the Shangri-La field - loads of fun. Oh, and it was baking. All weekend. Excellent.

I've also made a couple of cracking trips out west (of which a few photos will follow shortly) and have generally been having fun producing a load of personal work - experimenting, pleasing myself and developing my style, and hence overhauling my portfolio with a stack of fresh, solid and exciting new work. I've also been enjoying getting busy with the elderflowers, playing tennis in some very decent weather, and gently grooving away to the sounds of Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate (In the Heart of The Moon - my god, now there's an album to get swept away in), Baaba Maal, Dousk, Fearsome Engine, Bon Iver, Dennis Bovell, Kanka & Orchestra Baobab.

Whilst on the subject of music, I'm very chuffed to say I've just joined Wonk#ay Records, both as a recording artiste and as a label DJ for their Wonk#ay Dub Foundation. Jolly exciting news, and as such I've been revamping the Kokerboom identity, producing a new logo, promo imagery and so on. Again, I'll be posting up some selections in the next week or so. Check the interwebz below for more details and keep your eyes and ears peeled for some hot upcoming releases and events from Wonk#ay in the near future.....

Wonk#ay link
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